Are you feeling it too?


If you spent any time over social media over the last few days you might have seen the posts about: ”only six months of 2019 left!” and “2020 is going to be here in just short six months”, with the underlying message being: ”what the hell are you doing with your life”?


I wonder if that triggered you? Or maybe you are exactly where you want to be, on track to hit your goals and finish the year strong? If that’s you – congratulations:)


Am I freaking out? I am slowing down even more. I’ve had a difficult start to 2019 and lost my mojo along the way. I only now feel it’s coming back, I have new business ideas, energy to take action and a sense of fun.


The old me would have jumped right in, overcommitted, and worked myself into overwhelm. Instead I am taking it nice and slow.


I am freshly back from a weekend retreat where I worked on my health and wellness goals. And when I say “retreat” I don’t mean one of those where you spend your days walking around the SPA in your robes, having treatments and recharging. No, this one was hard work.


I was challenged to dive into looking why I might not be doing things that I know I should, what my values are when it comes to my vitality and what commitments I want to make to myself.


It was a very necessary for me to take that time out and look at what’s working and what isn’t. Because if we don’t have our vitality, frankly we have nothing.


One of the exercises we did at that retreat was to write 100 reasons why we have to be vital. Full disclosure: for me it is work in progress, I am only at number 57 so far. Would you help me get to 100? I would love for you to start your own list of reasons why YOU HAVE TO BE VITAL and then share it with me in the comments below (or just email me) so that I can get inspired and finish my list too. Hope you are up for the challenge:)


I will share more takeaways from the retreat, for now though I have to allow time and space for things to process.


I am so looking forward to seeing your reasons to be vital:)


Lots of love