Breakfast challenge – week 5

Week five… I am a little proud of myself for going this far, I have to say. I’ve never knew there are so many possibilities that open up as soon as I step out of the box.

Here are the stars of this week:

  • Coconut milk yogurt with baked figs and toasted almonds
  • Raw bread with humus and tempeh
  • Egg fried millet
  • Quinoa porridge with cooked apples
  • Rice porridge with coconut milk, vanilla and strawberries
  • Chickpea flour vegetables pancakes
  • Baked frittata

A word on coconut milk yogurt – it is diary free, much thicker than your standard yogurt and way more expensive. It comes in natural, fruit and chocolate (!) varieties. Here is the link to the one I buy.
They are all sweetened Xylitol and have reassuringly short ingredient list. As I mentioned earlier – they are pricy so it is more of a treat than everyday staple. But I am hoping the more people buy them, the cheaper they will get.

collage week 5_0

And another word on the raw, dehydrated bread. I don’t think I would have tried it if it wasn’t for my breakfast challenge, so I give myself a little pat on the back for that one. T’s rather hard (more like a super dry cracker or stale bread) so I used it with lashes of humus to soften it. I tried the onion flavour and thought it was a little overkill as couldn’t taste anything else, so next time will go with a different flavour. 

The flavour reminds me a lot of pumpernickel which I love, so will eat again, but it is expensive and will have to be limited to special occasions.

And baked figs! Have you guys tried baked figs yet?? I love fresh figs, hate dried ones and baked ones are close second on my favourite list. So easy to make, yet so satisfying. Just get yourself some fresh figs, cut them lengthways and you can bake as they are for few minutes or add some vanilla extract or sweet wine, or honey…. I think I need to go and buy some more. London markets, here I come!