Breakfast challenge – week 6

This is a bitter – sweet week as this is the last week of the challenge. As much fun as it was, t’s time to move on, which doesn’t mean going back to having porridge for breakfast every morning. I don’t think I would be able to do this ever again. I have come up with 41 different breakfasts! Impressive, even if I say so myself. And to think that at the beginning I struggled to come up with more than 23 ideas and wanted to finish the challenge at #21!

Here is the menu from this week:

  • Granola, yogurt and baked figs
  • Dandelion green smoothie and nut bread toast
  • Scrambled eggs served on a grilled portabella mushroom
  • Kale and cucumber smoothie
  • Blueberry almond muffins
  • Sweet potato cakes
  • Chia seeds granola with hemp seed milk

Dandelion leaves are interesting little buddies, they are nice and healthy, but also super bitter, so exercise caution when using.

Blueberry almond muffins were a major success. Completely made up recipe, vegan, gluten free, moist and delicious. Same with sweet potato cakes. What should you do if you are left with too much cooked lentils and too much sweet potatoes? Obviously make sweet potatoes cakes!

Now chia seeds granola is a different kettle of fish. I am slightly embarrassed to even call it a recipe, but pretty much all you do is mix chia seeds with any seeds of your choice and any dry fruit, in the proportion you like and off you go. Yum! Let it sit on the day with milk for couple of minutes, and ready to eat. It retains the crunch and doesn’t get as slimy as chia seed pudding does.

Let’s talk hemp seed milk. This has been a little bit of a revelation. I have read about it on different blogs but somehow never tried. And I can’t really explain why, because it is super tasty and super easy to make.

Hemp seeds milk
0.5 cup hemp seeds shelled
3 cups of water
Blend together in your blender until smooth.

Now the best part about using shelled hemp seeds is that there is no need to pass it through a muslin cloth and you don’t have residue (like you get with almonds, for example) which you are not sure what to do with. I also don’t soak the hemp seeds. Win! Win! Win!

If you like your milk to have a touch of sweetness, add a dash of maple syrup. For me it is perfect as it is, with no sweeteners. Let me know how it works out.


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