Ditch your to do list to get more done


I’ve always believed in the power of a good to do list. Write it down and it will get done. I used to finish each day (or week) by rewriting my to do list, drawing in the beautiful boxes for the ticks I will put next to each completed item. I kept adding items to the list and could never understand why I was not making more progress. It just seemed that the more I work, the harder I work the longer my to do list becomes.


And then my coach said to my: ditch the to do list, you will make more progress. I was confused. How can I ditch the to do list?? How will I ever keep track of things I have to do it of I don’t write them down?


An interesting conversation followed but the simple truth is that having a long to do list can be very counterproductive and just writing down things that need to be done doesn’t mean that they will actually happen. Because life happens, someone will give you a more important or urgent task, you will procrastinate or not feel like doing that particular task that has been on your list for a while…


So what’s the solution? That day my coach taught to ditch the to – do list and actually schedule each task on the calendar. That way I actually had to get a little more realistic about my to do list, consider how much each task will take me and what is feasible to achieve in a day.

I had to delegate more effectively and learnt to ditch things that just don’t have to get done.



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