Don’t take dieting advice from my Dad


My Dad’s been struggling with his weight ever since I can remember. He always wanted to lose weight, but he really loves his food too much (and has some not so healthy eating habits). He lost weight several times and gained it all back. He is not alone – 98% of people will gain all the weight (and often more) they lost dieting within 2 years.


I saw my Dad couple of weeks ago and did nutrition 101 session with him. He plays tennis few times a week so wants to lose weight in order to be quicker on the court. We talked about his finding out what foods work for him, what worked in the past, his eating habits, and what to experiment with. I really thought it landed and was looking forward to receiving progress updates from him as the weeks go by.


And then last week I received this message right before his tennis game: “Today I’ve been fasting since morning, now will have pastry and chocolate for energy, then after the game some fish (with no bread) and will hop on the scale in the morning”.

Technically he is not wrong – carbs before working out and protein after are absolutely the right food to eat, but I’m sure you guessed that they are better sources of carbs than pastry:)

I also don’t advocate fasting and crash dieting, because they never work, mainly because they are too restrictive and not sustainable.


This is the secret: what works is clean eating – eating for energy.


After realizing the power of eating foods that were right for me, exercising, nourishing my body on an emotional and physical level, and finally learning tools to put myself first, my entire life changed and that’s why I want to invite you to a 6-week adventure – Food, Freedom And Fun, starting October 25th. It’s a 6 week, very affordable program about empowering you and giving you tools that you can use in every area of your life.


It is not about cleansing, dieting, or deprivation of any sorts. Actually, this program is about learning the basics again.


So, the foods you put in your body have a direct correlation to your happiness, your health, and your digestion.


By the end of the program, you will know how to plan your own meals, take care of yourself, and ditch the diet mentality forever. They are three different levels of support (DIY, Group and VIP – 1:1) so you can choose solution and support that’s exactly right for you.


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