Edinburgh: 4 days, 11 shows, 7 notes to self

Last week my sister and I went to Edinburgh for the Fringe. It was my third time out there and I loved every second. We walked a lot, got rained on (it’s Scotland after all!), watched some amazing shows and talked. There is nothing better than some quality family time.

We managed to squeeze in 11 shows, which is actually (surprisingly!) quite tiring. I also managed to squeeze in quite a lot of thinking and reflecting time (maybe that was the tiring part??) and wanted to share my notes and reminders.

1. Follow your passions and your dreams no matter how out there they are.

The Fringe is full of people who follow their passions; regardless what others thought, and I found it incredibly inspiring and motivated. Well, ok, I admit it – it also made me feel like such an underachiever!

2. Support other people’s dreams.

As much as I could I supported the artists, bought their CDs or gave money at the end of the free shows. The world would be a better place if we all supported each other dreams, no matter how silly we think they are.

3. Invest in relationship.

My sister reminded me about that. She regularly sends cards (the old fashion way – by mail) to her friends, she sends greetings when she is away or just a note to say she’s been thinking about them. I used to write letters and cards all the time – now, sadly I relay on texts, but I am committed to reconnecting on more personal levels, so watch out!

Challenge: send a hand written card (yes, hand written) to someone you’ve not spoken to in a while.

4. Reconnect with yourself. Spend time on your own, explore, and listen.

Need I say more? I’ve been so busy over the last few months (years?), always on the go, moving from one place to another, from a project to a project, from a task to a task; I’ve lost myself along the way. Taking few days out of my routine made me stop, breath and look around. I felt like myself again (and I quite liked it!).

5. Be open to different experiences

The most powerful experience I had at the fridge was the Solo date by a Taiwanese artist, Tsai Pao-Chang. My sister made me go – I would’ve gone to a stand-up and stayed in my comfort zone. And I am so grateful I trusted her. The performance is about a guy who endeavors to reconstruct his deceased lover via artificial intelligence. Powerful questions being asked.

6. Expand your horizon and stretch your comfort zone.

Another show that stayed with me (for different reasons) was The Coin Operated Girl. It’s an ex-sex worker who now uses her experiences as material for her stand-up, she is also involved in Sex Worker Rights and runs size acceptance events throughout the UK.

7. Let it go, let it go

Yes, letting go is still a struggle for me, but I’m learning, and despite not seeing the movie (Frozen, of course) I love this song nonetheless. I’m committed to letting things go, being more in the moment and not meticulously planning absolutely everything. Wow, even writing this makes me break out in cold sweat – but it’s ok, it’s a process. Let it go, let it go, let it go….


I’m now back to London and back to work but I am determined to hold on to that holiday spirit and my lessons from Edinburgh.


I would love to know if anything resonated with you? Is there anything you can commit to this month? I am looking forward to reading your comments.

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