Essential Oils 101 

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Thursday 25th January 7PM GMT (2PM EST)



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You will learn: 


  •   What is an essential oil
  •   Why essential oils can be a powerful form of medicine
  •   Why essential oils can be effective against bacteria and viruses
  •   How essential oils affect your mood and emotions
  •   How to use your essential oils
  •   How essential oils can be incorporated into your daily life and/or business 
  •   A summary of the most frequently used oils with some practical tips on how to use them


Who are we?



Angela ZimmerlĂ© (Cacciavillani) is a mamapreneur. She is the mother to an incredibly handsome young man born October 2012, who is her knight in shining armour, and her prince. 


She is a Canadian Citizen living in Alsace, France.


Her first mission:


To help moms create a more liberating life. To feel empowered to take their healthcare into their own hands and to have the tools to do just that. She wants to help at least 200 families this year by getting essential oils in their hands and in their homes.


There are times when I hear stories of new moms in the park and I feel sad that they do not have access to the tools that I do. All natural tools to help take care of the small things and big things that happen with our kids. And that keeps me going. I want to empower other moms with natural solutions to help them and their children live a better life!


She helps families not only find financially healing but to be able to create their own business from the comfort of home with their littles ones around.




Joanna Fiminska is an Eating Psychology Coach on a mission to make women fall in love with their own bodies and lives.


She is also a self-proclaimed oil junky passionate to elimate toxins in our homes.


We all live in a very toxic environment and those toxins actually not only stop you from losing weight, but they actually can also make you put on weight.

Those associated with obesity are the endocrine - disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which include bispenol A (BPA) and phthalates, found especially in plastics and personal care products. There are things you can do to limit exposure to them, like using glass and stainless steal containers, instead of plastic and opting for natural beauty and cleaning products. 




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