Food, Freedom And Fun

There is a lot of hype, myths, and misconceptions out there around dieting, finding the perfect program, and, well, let’s face it, we live in a world of information. You can Google any subject or buy any book and be overloaded with information. But, for many people, all the diet books, the TV shows, and the Googling of information leads us to absolute confusion about what to eat. That search for information and chasing after the latest “IT” diet left me overweight, frustrated and fed up.

Today, I am not this person. I am educated about the foods that work for my body, and that happened when I became a health coach and created a program that works for all body types. I learned that food was not my enemy. Instead, food was fuel.

This is the secret: what works is clean eating – eating for energy.


Here are the facts on weight-loss and why diets do not work:


  • 30% of Americans are trying to lose weight
  • Another 30% are trying to maintain weight
  • Two-thirds who lose weight on diets gain it back within 1 year
  • 98% gain their weight back and more within 2 years


All those years of dieting destroyed my digestion and led to issues with releasing the weight and keeping it off. They led to my wardrobe full of clothes in all different sizes, missed opportunities (because I couldn’t possibly go out if I was fat!).

After realising the power of eating foods that were right for me, exercising, nourishing my body on an emotional and physical level, and finally learning tools to put myself first, my entire life changed.

I decided I wanted to share what I’d learned so everyone can have that aha moment with me. This program has not only changed my life but the lives of my clients, and even my friends and family.

Food, Freedom And Fun is a 6-week adventure, it’s about the full circle of life. I mean, it is not just about the food on your plate or self-care. This program is about empowering you and giving you tools that you can use in every area of your life.

This program is not about cleansing, dieting, or deprivation of any sorts. Actually, this program is about learning the basics again.

So, the foods you put in your body have a direct correlation to your happiness, your health, and your digestion.

And when I speak of inflammation, in plain and simple terms, I’m talking about weight gain.

This program is your opportunity to say good-bye to the diet books, the “eat this, not that” mentality, and the TV shows that promise you weight loss cures. With this program, you will finally be given an opportunity to learn which foods are right for your unique body.

First, we are going to support you to write down your goals and commit to changing your life. Then, we are going to focus on the foods you put on your plate and dive deeper into emotional eating. It gets even better, because next up we are going to focus on putting YOU first. And, finally, we end your entire 6-week experience talking about exercise. But the best part of this whole program is that you get all of this information given to you day-by-day and step-by-step, which means you never feel a lack of support.

By the end of the program, you will know how to plan your own meals, take care of yourself, and ditch the diet mentality forever.

If this sounds exciting, and, trust me, it is exciting for me to be able to share this with you tonight, then you can go to my website and learn a little more about what I am offering you:

This program starts at only $157 (thats less than $4 a day!) and you can save $160 on VIP access if you sign up before Wednesday, October 12th.

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This program is about nourishing you in the most delightful, delicious, and loving way. The step-by-step guide is loaded with delicious recipes and a meal plan that will increase your vitality, restore your digestion, and rev up your metabolism once and for all.

Sounds awesome, right? Get into action and sign up today.