Food – friend or foe?

Isn’t it funny that something essential to live causes so many of us anxiety, and insecurity? Not to mention confusion!! I don’t think there is any other topic in the world so wildly discussed, with so many opposing points of view being promoted as the “right way”.


Then you need to add the very complicated relationships so many of us have with it. We use to celebrate when things are going well; we use it to numb our feelings when things are not going so well. I remember when I had to go for my first blood test, aged maybe 7 my mum promised to take me out for ice-cream if “I was a good girl’.


What memories of food do you have?

Do you ever use food to reward yourself?

Maybe you eat to numb the uncomfortable emotions?


I’ve struggled all my life in my relationship with food. I always wanted to be slimmer, to fit in, to wear a smaller size clothes. I tried dieting, I tried food replacement powders, and I’ve tried exercises. Nothing ever worked for me in the long run.


I now know that my relationship with food is a life lesson I have to learn and keep learning. It’s a lesson I have to keep repeating, digging deeper, discovering another level. I now know it’s been challenging for me because I’ve been using food for everything else rather than nourishment. It’s been my clutch, my friend, my security blanket.

Turns out that most of the work I had to do to heal my relationship with food was actually outside of the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong – I had to do a lot of experimenting to find out what works for my body, but I also looked at my patterns and reasons behind why I reach for food.


Things that are working for me right now:

  1. Eating without distractions (easier said than done!)
  2. Protein + fat + fiber for breakfast is a must for me, and that’s also how I try to structure all my meals
  3. Meal planning and prep. If you only start thinking about what to eat when you’re actually hungry chances are you’re going to go for convenience rather than nourishment
  4. Paying attention to how I feel after meals to further fine tune what works for my body
  5. Making sure my needs are met outside the kitchen and my plate.

Let me know – what are you struggling with when it comes for food right now? What’s working for you?