Best time to start…

… is now. It is my third blog and it still feels exciting. The very first one, I started 10 years ago, when I first arrived in the UK. It was very personal and a way to keep friends and family updated. It still exist, but I don’t post there anymore.

My second blog, ChilledOnions, I started in 2013, around the time I was seriously evaluating my options. I kind of wanted to blog about a search for a new career (which, at the time, I thought would be cooking/baking/café owner). It has since moved to be more of a food blog and my career took a completely different turn. But I think blogging helped me along the way.
So here is a blog number three. The first one I do under my very own name so it is time to get serious, I guess. I will be blogging about coaching, food, nutrition, and probably several other topics. I am also open to suggestions regarding topics, and I’d be happy to hear from you.