How strong are you going to finish?

We’re half way through November (have you heard any Xmas songs on the radio, yet??) so let’s check in and see how you’re getting on with your quarter 4 goals? Are you on target? Are you still working towards meeting your targets?


Or maybe you’ve given up already because it was getting too hard? Maybe life got in the way? Maybe you’ve had too many ‘no’s’ on the way?


Let me know where you are at. And don’t you dare giving up!


I used give up so easily when the deadline was approaching and I wasn’t where I thought I “should be”. I can tell you – that approach was such a waste of time. It got me zero results.


It’s been through the coaching and personal development work that I learnt how to set goals properly, really commit to them, what sort of support works for me. I also finally understood (I might have been slow on the uptake) that working on achieving your goal and missing the target leaves you better off anyway than if you’ve given up all together.

There are lessons to be learnt from that: did you choose the right course of action? Did you ACTUALLY do what you said you would? Did you ask for help and support? Was it the right goal for you to begin with?


If you can benefit from having clarity on your goals, a clear strategy and support – reach out to me and book your complimentary, no obligation strategy session so that you can finish the year strong.


Cant wait to dive into your plans and support you along the way.