I’d love to but I just don’t have time…


How many times have you said it this week already? I’d love to do this, but I simply don’t have time/I am too busy?


Being busy is a very good, blanket excuse. It’s non negotiable. I am sure you can show me your diary or to do list, filled to the brim and looking at it I can see that there “really is no time”.


So many of us are proud to wear the “busy” badge of honour.


We spend our days ticking things off the “to do list” , but don’t remember the last time we did something that mattered to us.


When preparing for the masterclass I am teaching I looked up some statistics and was stunned to discovered that:

  • An average American adult spends 5hrs and 4 min watching TV per day
  • In the UK we spend almost 4 hours a day watching TV
  • The average person will spend more than 3 years updating social media, 12 months in the pub and 235 days waiting in a queue over lifetime
  • Globally 135 minutes per day is spent on social media


If you struggle finding time to do things that matter to you (and would like to stop using lack of time as an excuse) and join me on 21st May at 7PM BST for Stop Dreading Deadlines: 3 easy shifts to free up 2 hours a week (at least!)


You will learn:


  • The single biggest obstacle to effectiveness
  • The three shifts to increased energy and effectiveness
  • Who the Superwoman is and how a new approach can help you get more done with less effort
  • The big “time management ” mistake
  • How to identify your needs to increase your energy


Click here to join: http://www.fiminska.com/masterclass/


Please feel free to invite your friends. The more, the merrier:) I cant wait to see you all on the inside;)