Hot water oats

hot water oats
I credit my Mom for this one. She taught me this ingenious way of making oats by using hot water rather than slaving over the stove and scrubbing the pot afterwards. I am not keen on the microwavable oats so this is my perfect option. Quick and easy, AND good for you. And possibilities with oats are endless.



Baked eggs

bake small

This is a crowd pleaser. Whether you're cooking just for yourself or for the family - this is a great breakfast (or brunch) dish, that takes 5 minutes to prepare, and all the magic happens in the oven, giving you time to have your coffee and set the table. 


The power trio smoothie

blueberry  and spinach smoothie

Yes, you can have a smoothie for breakfast. It's a perfect combination of spinach, blueberries and bananas. I add almond butter and chia seeds for fat and protein. If you're feeling extra hungry you can add couple of tablespoons of oats. Blend and enjoy. 


Roasted Rhubarb

roasted rhubarb

Take advantage of the rhubarb season - roast it and use it in your smoothies, on top of the porridge or in the crumble.