Let me introduce you to Annie

Annie* has worked with me in the 12 weeks 1:1 coaching programme. When we first talked she didn’t even really know what coaching was and how it could benefit her, but she wanted to grow as a person and was intrigued by the tools I told her about.


She worked as a senior leader in the Human Resources Department and wanted to step up into a more strategic role, but struggled with confidence, self – doubt and time, because between work and family (she is a mother of three) there wasn’t any time left for her. She also really wanted to change the way she was showing up in her personal life – she wanted to be a nicer mum and wife.


How many times have you come home and there was nothing left for you to give to your loved ones?


We worked together for 12 weeks but it all started with a strategy call where Annie got clear on what she wanted to achieve and we crafted a plan for her to get there.


I remember the session that made a big difference for her – it was conscious network design. She got really clear on who she had supporting her and who she needed in different areas in her life.


Within a few weeks Annie got a mentor, she has already been working with a coach (meJ) and – can you even believe it?? – she actually hired a cleaner. Just getting a cleaner allowed Annie to have more time and show up in the world differently. She was no longer solely responsible for the running of her household and could use the time to be with her kids, husband or just have some fun.


By the end of our coaching programme she got a promotion, her relationship with the kids and husband improved because she wasn’t constantly focusing on housework and her confidence soared. I could really see her come alive and shine.


What could be possible for you if you have the right support? Are you curious to explore your own network, to see who do you have and who do you need?


I have two 1:1 coaching spots left in 2018 and one of them has your name on itJ But it all starts with that complimentary strategy session. Book yours today to explore what difference coaching could make in your life and to see if we are the right fit. There is absolutely no obligation. Book yours here: www.fiminska.com/apply


I cant wait to connect with you.

Lots of love



* To protect the confidentiality of my client I have changed her name.