Looking up to the stars – a conversation with an astrologer

Today is slightly different because I invited my friend astrologer, Shinade Jayne Gribben to share with us what’s going in with the stars right now, why it may make you feel crazy and what to do about it:)

I love what Shinade shared about astrology. It can be used as a tool to:

  • To get to know yourself better
  • Communicate better
  • Have a bette connection with people
  • It shows you different elements of who you are so you can choose how to react in different situations.

Click the image below to watch.

Hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did. If you like to connect with Shinade contact her via website www.sjgyoga.co.uk

If you’d like to learn more Shinade recommended checking out  Kaypacha Pele Report and Aepril’s Arcana on youtube.

Now over to you: do you use astrology in your life?