Meet me

Hi, my name is Joanna and I’m on a mission to help women embrace who they are, stop denying themselves and follow their passion.



In 2013 I went back to school to get certified as a Health Coach. I didn’t stop there; I have since become a Master Level NLP practitioner, Master Level Transformation Coach, Eating Psychology Coach and One of Many Women’s Leadership Coach.



I am here to take you on a journey to create a relationship with food that brings more freedom and fun to your life, so let’s talk. Schedule your complimentary call today and let’s see if we are a good fit.


I have 20+ years of corporate experience, including 12+ years as an NHS operational manager. I also have 30+ years of experience with dieting, and going through the process of healing my own relationship with food and body. I understand stress, deadlines, conflicting demands and no time for self-care.




Fun facts about me:

  • I baked cakes galore for college cake sales. I sold very little because direct sale is not where I shine. The cakes ended up in the freezer and I was ready for unexpected guests for months to come.
  • I’ve been on every single weight loss diet out there so I know they really don’t work, instead they just make you feel miserable.
  • I eat mostly plant-based diet, but I include eggs, fish and honey.
  • I LOVE football, rugby, and sports generally.
  • Favourite music: GooGooDalls, MatchBox20, Rob Thomas, Michael Buble, Post Modern Jukebox (in no particular order).
  • I did my first cooking show in my grandmother’s kitchen, age 6. I don’t even think we had cooking shows on TV at the time so I don’t know what came over me! What I made was not for human consumption, but this is another story.
  • My favourite childhood food was fresh bread with butter and salt. Simple things!

I contribute to Mind, Body, Green and Peaceful dumpling, and an Institute For The Psychology Of Eating blog.

And this is where it all started. Poznan. My home town. Read here about it and go and visit.

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