My coach made me do it

About a month ago I had a call with my coach and she challenged me to take a step back from by business and practice what I preach.


She challenged me to take a breather, stop creating, and stop pushing.


She asked to review what’s working and what’s not working.


I took time to reconnect with what brings me joy, what I love doing and what I am passionate about.


The hardest part of those last few weeks was not being able to talk to you as I was challenged not to create content. I slightly cheated on that one as I was showing up on Instagram stories, but otherwise I did pretty well:)


I didn’t even know I needed that little break. It was so good to step back and get some perspective.


  • I missed coaching so much!
  • I missed creating content and writing
  • I was reminded that I need to take more bold actions
  • I also realised that I really want to be collaborating with others a lot more so I am on a lookout for a creative projects/ways to support fellow entrepreneurs
  • I also decided that I can build my coaching/training business and my shampoo empire simultaneously. I dont have to choose just one, and I feel so much better for that.


I am freaking excited to be back and energised more than ever before. I will be back in your inbox weekly, but in the meantime catch me up. What have you been up to? What plans do you have for the summer? What challenges are you facing? Just comment below to let me know. I am so excited for the summer!