This is me. This is not who I used to be

In the last 17 weeks I worked out EVERY. SINGLE.DAY.⁣⁣
I used to do everything in my power to skip PE at school, hated (and still do) the idea of the gym and generally preferred my sofa to my trainers. ⁣⁣
Until I made a commitment earlier this year to go back to running and get better at it. ⁣⁣
Until at a vitality retreat in June I made a commitment to…

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I run 5k for this little girl

She was about 9 years old. She was always told that she was chubby, bad at sport and that she really should lose some weight.


One evening her mother decided that it would be a great idea to go for a jog. She wore a pink tracksuit and looked like a little Piglet. She never went running before. She was gasping for air within the first couple of minutes and…

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My Big Shift

August felt like the longest month known to men, yet also it feels like it went in a blink of an eye.


Big things happened:

  • I run my first 60 minutes, 7.5k . Me! The girl who at the beginning of the year was barely able to run 5 minutes
  • I moved my body consistently every day and actually loved it!
  • I doubled my business
  • I went on a girls…

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How often do you play?

Summer is the perfect time of the year to connect with that playful side of you. To try new things, maybe make new friends, try different experiences…



How often do you do it though? When was the last time you played? Just for the sake of having fun?



One of the things I teach my clients to do is to find one hour a week, just ONE hour to go and…

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Big weight questions answered

The world of weight loss is full of confusion, conflicting information and fear. I talk to so many women who are never satisfied with the number on the scale, never satisfied with the way they look and they wait to start living their lives when…. they hit the target number, when they buy the smallest pair of jeans, when….


They often have many questions because as I said before the…

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The stories that keep you small

If you know me in real life you know that I am super introverted and pride of itJ

Hell, I even made up a story that I am the happiest working from home and not even seeing another human being for days on end. And honestly I can so easily implement that strategy.


I built another chapter into that story too: that I hate networking evens. Truth be told I went…

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Are you feeling it too?


If you spent any time over social media over the last few days you might have seen the posts about: ”only six months of 2019 left!” and “2020 is going to be here in just short six months”, with the underlying message being: ”what the hell are you doing with your life”?


I wonder if that triggered you? Or maybe you are exactly where you want to be, on track…

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My coach made me do it

About a month ago I had a call with my coach and she challenged me to take a step back from by business and practice what I preach.


She challenged me to take a breather, stop creating, and stop pushing.


She asked to review what’s working and what’s not working.


I took time to reconnect with what brings me joy, what I love doing and what I am passionate about.


The hardest part…

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I’d love to but I just don’t have time…


How many times have you said it this week already? I’d love to do this, but I simply don’t have time/I am too busy?


Being busy is a very good, blanket excuse. It’s non negotiable. I am sure you can show me your diary or to do list, filled to the brim and looking at it I can see that there “really is no time”.


So many of us are proud…

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Ditch your to do list to get more done


I’ve always believed in the power of a good to do list. Write it down and it will get done. I used to finish each day (or week) by rewriting my to do list, drawing in the beautiful boxes for the ticks I will put next to each completed item. I kept adding items to the list and could never understand why I was not making more progress. It…

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