2nd weight loss challenge


Deep breath now, because the second challenge around weight loss is actually eating food (and never go fat free!). Shock horror, right? I know!


You are reading this so I assume you’ve been on at least one diet, and they are all pretty much the same – they tell you to take fat or carbs or protein out of your diet, or replace real meals with powders (have you tried…

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Tap into your power (and support your hormones)

I went on a pill when I was 21 years old, because I had some facial hair that my doctor didn’t like the look of. We didn’t look at why I might have the hair, what was out of whack, and if we could solve it naturally. The pill was the only answer. I didn’t even know what other questions to ask.


When I think about it today – the…

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What does the gut have to do with your mood?

The gut, aka “inside the belly”, has been proven to be our bodies literal “second brain”. For years, the medical world has been trying to figure out what causes our moods to change and what causes common problems that most of us face like stress, anxiety, and even depression. We know these problems are linked to serotonin, but did you know that 95% of serotonin isn’t even produced in…

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The Six Benefits of Eating Oatmeal

I didn’t grow up eating oatmeal for breakfast, because we’re “savoury family”, and only discovered it few years ago, and instantly fell in love.

Eating a bowl of oatmeal each morning is the perfect way to start your day off right. Let me just clarify that the oatmeal discussed here is not the instant kind that comes in the different flavours- these are full of sugar. The real stuff is…

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Back to balance post Halloween

I know, I know, Halloween candy just attacked you. And then another 10. It’s all good, seriously☺ And in case you feel slightly sluggish and maybe a little tired after the sugar loaded weekend, here is your next day on the plate to bring your body back to balance. If you can, eat all of these recipes in one day, but even if you include just one, you will…

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My top 5 tips on health, happiness, and weight loss

Whatever magazine or book you open, you’ll get a different advice.

Drink green juice. Don’t drink green juice

Coffee is good – coffee is bad

And on it goes.


With so much information, it can be overwhelming and confusing to separate fact from fad.


So I am bringing it back to basics.


During my studies, my own life experience, and through my coaching, I’ve got the confirmation that our health isn’t just about what we…

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7 ways to balance blood sugar

Blood sugar level it’s the amount of glucose from what you eat, that’s circulating in your bloodstream providing energy to cells or storing it for future use. A well-balanced blood sugar level is crucial to maintain physical and emotional well-being, reduce food cravings, it regulates your hormones and increases your metabolism to help you lose weight and burn stored fat.

1. Drink more water. Quick and easy way to determine…

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Give up chocolate?? What?????

There are very few people I know, who don’t like chocolate. For a lot of people it’s a go to pick me up, a treat, and sugar fix. And good quality chocolate in moderation can bring amazing benefits, so you can actually consider it a healthy food.

But today we are not boasting chocolate’s greatness. Today we are taking about giving chocolate up for the whole month. WHAT????? Did I…

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