The magic of coaching – a client spotlight

Today I wanted to pull the curtain and show you a little bit of what goes on during a coaching session.


The other day I was working with my client (we’ll call her B.) on her vision for the next year and she created one of those big, bold, beautiful visions that make you go YES!!!

And suddenly she was all: “oh that’s silly, I can’t see a way to achieve that”.


Has that ever happened to you? You set a goal, create a vision and then you talk yourself out of it because it just feels too scary, too big, too good to be true? Are you your own cheerleader or Negative Nelly?


Well, if you know me personally, you know that I say it as I see it, and rarely do I filter. I’m exactly the same with my clients so here is what I said to B. “Your only job here is to set the vision and get the f**k out of your own way.”


  1. laughed and admitted she recognized this pattern of behaviour. Do you recognise the same pattern in your life?


We continued the session with putting the plan in place for B.’s vision to actually become a reality and she left the session with the new belief. Belief that what she wanted was possible for her, that she was capable of achieving it, and most importantly that she was “worthy”.


Before you stop yourself next time, remember that your job is to focus on WHAT you want something and WHY you want it. HOW will reveal yourself as you start taking action.


Maybe you’ve been taking yourself out of your vision for such a long time that you’ve actually lost connection with it. I have a very powerful process I walk my clients through to help them discover what’s waiting for them and then keep them accountable so that they can walk their talk. I have a spot for one more woman on my 1:1 coaching calendar this month and would love to have a conversation with you to see if that’s a right fit for me. Schedule your free strategy session today: and I can’t wait to connect with you.


PS I do all my coaching virtually so no need to communte