The Magnificent 5

You have now met all five of the women’s PowerTypes™ (if you missed it read more about Queen, Warrioress, Sorceress, Lover and Mother) and if you downloaded the How to Have What You Want ebook you now have  easy exercises to start connecting with each of them more and more every day.

Meeting these powerful ladies is just the tip of the iceberg and the beginning of the journey I would love to invite you on. I use the PowerTypes™ in all of the work I do with my clients.

Knowing the PowerTypes™, learning to connect with each of their specific energies and superpowers will truly allow you to have what you really want in life without burning out.

Queen will bring the vision and order to things, Mother will bring the loving encouragement and nourishment, Sorceress will sprinkle her magic dust all over your project so that things get slightly easier, Warrioress will get things done (and have fun while she is doing it) and Lover will bring back the beauty and will make sure you priories looking after yourself.

All the PowerTypes™ are great in the boardroom but also at home. I truly believe that they are powerful allies you need to get anything you want in life with ease and grace.

Thanks to support from Joanna I now have a cleaner, (I struggled with that one) and my work and personal life is more organised. I now recognise when I am depleted and am trying to educate the male members of the family that Mum has needs too. I recognised that at work especially I can be “triggered” and am now trying to lead my team in Queen rather than Warrioress.


Do you feel ready to learn more?

Schedule a complimentary strategy session so that we can dive deeper into the PowerTypes™ , discover which energy would make the biggest difference in your life, and how to start implementing your knowledge of the PowerTypes™ into the challenges you might be facing right now. Here is the link to my diary: I only have a few slots available every week so don’t wait, grab yours today.

I cant wait to connect with you.