The new type of power

I’ve been raised without strong feminine role models. I was a proud tomb boy and valued friendships with boys. I used to think that I don’t need women in my life because they just gossip, stab you in the back and they cant be trusted. I even used to think that I only want to work for men, because they are way better leaders and bosses. Oh how little did I know about the world….

Luckily one of my friends invited me to an event that changed everything and led to me becoming a certified women’s leadership coach and trainer.

At that time I was starting to realise that something was missing in my life and was beginning to crave deep, meaningful connections we can only have with other women.

I also felt that there just could be another way of doing things. Having worked as an operational manager in the NHS for 13 years I hit burnout and knew I had to find a sustainable way to be in the world.

For me it all began when I was introduced to women archetypes and I understood that the power it took us to get where we are today is not the power that’s going to sustain us here or take us to the next level.

Traditionally we are familiar with two types of female power – the b***h in the boardroom or the sex kitten. Neither of them are particularly helpful when it comes to being fruitful and living a fulfilled life.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to a different way of living my life, just as I was about to hit burnout, and I now have a powerful set of tools to share with my clients.

The core of these tools? The five women’s PowerTypes™. I’m sure you’ll recognise some as familiar friends, but my hope is that you’ll reacquaint yourself with them all and use them as your new role models.

They are all powerful, yet feminine and they all respect their cyclical nature. They play to their natural strengths and that allows them to be incredibly effective, fruitful and connected and I will introduce you to each of them over the next few weeks.

To set the scene next week I will introduce you the Superwoman. She might be already a familiar friend in your life but some things might surprise you.

Don’t want to wait? I created an ebook where you can meet all of them and get additional resources for free. It’s called How to get what you want with ease and grace – harnessing the 5 women PowerTypes™ and you can download it here now.