The stories that keep you small

If you know me in real life you know that I am super introverted and pride of itJ

Hell, I even made up a story that I am the happiest working from home and not even seeing another human being for days on end. And honestly I can so easily implement that strategy.


I built another chapter into that story too: that I hate networking evens. Truth be told I went to one stereotypical networking event and yes I hated it. But rather than recognise it wasn’t for me I made it mean something about me. I made it mean that I am too shy and introverted to ever go to another event, and this is simply not going to work for me. It was about 4 years ago or so.

I haven’t been to another networking even since.


Those stories served me well over the years. They kept me exactly where they wanted me: in the same place, safe and protected from being uncomfortable.


They also kept me small, kept me from growing my business and becoming the leader I know I am.


So I am calling myself out. And crawling out of my comfort zone (it’s painful to even write it!))). And I am committed to channeling my friends who work in PR and making friends with more people.


Because I know that building the connecting is the way for me to build the legacy.


And guess what?? Yesterday I actually went to a networking event, was put on the spot to speak on stage, talked to people and freaking loved it! Better yet – I already have another one booked and scheduled for 18/7.


So now your turn: what stories are you telling yourself? What stories are keeping you small and safe? Is it that maybe you don’t like your body? Maybe you too think you are too shy to shine? Maybe you will do THAT thing you always wanted to do when the kids leave for collage?


There is no shame in it, we all have those stories. Please do share in the comments or just message me. I would also love to help you unpack it and see how you can change that story and get out of your way. I have a few complimentary calls available this week and would love to dive in with you. Here is the link to my calendar: So looking forward to discovering your stories and writing the new ones.


Lots of love


Jo x