‘Tis is the season to be eat, drink and be merry, and I love it!

I’m spending the holidays at home and can’t wait for the feast. Luckily for me vegetables have always been featured on my family’s menu, and often take centre stage. Is it the same in your family? Or maybe the vegetables get overlooked during the holidays as you prepare to overload on them in the New Year (resolutions, right?)    

Did you know that there are loads of superfoods in season that can be quite festive, as well?  I wanted to let you in on 7 of my favourite red and green fruits & veggies that will provide you with heaps of vitamins and nutrients, while making your taste buds happy as well. 

Top 7 Superfoods this Season

Broccoli  –  With loads nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Fiber, steaming up or roasting some broccoli is a quick, healthy side item to any dish.

Cranberries – Providing you nutrients such as Manganese, Vitamin C, and Fiber, Cranberries are often found on the dinner table this time of year and they are my favourite. Pro tip: stock up and store them in your freezer.

Cabbage – Red cabbage has an astounding amount of Vitamin K — which helps with regulating blood clotting and transporting calcium in the body, to name a few.  You also get an enormous amount of other beneficial vitamins such as Vitamin C and Manganese.

Beets – The rich colour of beets comes from betalains.  Beets are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory supporting nutrients.  The betalain pigments found in beets aids in the detoxification process, which we all could use some of! Beetroot soup will definitely feature on my Xmas table.

Kale – Packed full of Vitamin K, C, A.  Quite possibly the most popular leafy green, it’s also versatile and easily slipped into any recipe or smoothie.  Steam it with some fresh garlic, sauté it with some olive oil, make a hearty salad with it. 

Radishes – Radishes add a great pop of colour to your plate while also acting as a cleanser of toxins for your digestive system.  Due to their Vitamin C content, consuming radishes can also help keep your immune system strong this season.

Cucumber – As well as many others listed, cucumbers are quite helpful in providing you antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.  These are great to have as a crunchy snack or in salads for a pop of flavour. 

I have a bunch of different recipes and ways to serve those superfoods so if you are intrigued or just looking for inspiration – hit me up. Just ask me below or respond to the email and I will be happy to share.

Happy eating

Jo x