What does Sorceress do in the office?


It’s Friday morning and you check your diary for the day, only to realise that you’ve been invited to an important meeting with your boss at 3pm. Who in their right mind organises a meeting at 3pm on a Friday? That’s just bad form you think and off you go to make your morning coffee and maybe have the biscuit that Mother brought in.


You get on with your day. Somehow today things are just working out. You keep finding yourself saying things like” it’ll all work out” and “we’ll totally hit that deadline” to your team. Even though you really can’t know.


And then your 3pm gets cancelled, not even rescheduled, but cancelled. You breathe a sigh of relief and smile to yourself. This has been a good day.


This sort of ease and flow to your day can be expected when you meet and connect to the Sorceress PowerType™. She’s the part of you that knows how to manifest, how to get things done with ease, knows what’s actually important to get done. Sorceress is the one who sprinkles that little bit of magic dust on your days and makes things that little bit easier.


She’s a very powerful ally in the business world. Without her, things are hard and you need grit and determination to get things done. And yes, you can achieve a lot through grit and determination but how much more fun would it be to have a little helping hand?


You can start powerfully connecting to the Sorceress energy today. Download your free guide today and enjoy.



Joanna is a One Of Many Certified Women’s Coach. All Of Many Tools trademarks and tools are used with permission.