What if the horoscope was right?

I remember reading my horoscope as a kid and it said that “Aquarius is best suited for a freelance, creative job” and I thought to myself: well, that’s interesting, how the hell can I apply this to myself?? I didn’t think of myself as creative, I didn’t even know anyone working freelance because I was taught that “secure employment” is the only way forward. “Secure employment” was meant to create a secure future for me.


When I moved to the UK I landed an operational job in the NHS and I thought I had it all: I lived in London, I had awesome friends, I was making decent money, I had a clear career path and a pension plan.


About 5-6 years into my “clear career path in NHS” I started to get restless. “Is this it?” question in my head started getting louder and harder to ignore. I resisted it though, because of the job security and the pension plan. But the more I ignored it, the more miserable I became.


So I started working on the exit plan, got a coaching certification (or 4), and started two businesses on the side.

I’ve started as a health coach working with women around emotional eating, body image and breaking the vicious cycle of dieting. This year I added women’s leadership coaching certification to my toolbox and I took it back to the corporate world of NHS.


I am building a location independent empire and showing other ambitious women the blueprint for doing the same. Maybe that horoscope was the seed I needed?


Maybe my story will be the seed you need to harvest your dreams? Your dreams of firing your boss, creating a residual income stream, building financial freedom, helping other women… what is it for you?


Message me if you like to have a “sneak peek” into my business. I will be happy to share.