You’re in the right place at the right time

You’re getting ready to meet your team. You know there has been a lot of unease going on recently – people have been complaining about how much is going on, and how Betty just doesn’t pull her weight. Sue shared in her one-to-one with you that she doesn’t even know why they’re doing this project, it seems pointless and she doesn’t know how much longer she can even stay in her role. Frankly, if she could afford it, she’d just leave now.

It’s not going to be an easy meeting, but you know how important it is to bring everyone back together, to bring some order and get your team recommitted to the shared vision. You take a minute to poise yourself before walking into the boardroom. And when doing the breathing exercise your coach taught you, you remember the scene from The Crown when the young Elizabeth got crowned as the Queen of England.

She looked out over the people gathered to celebrate. It’s the big day. The day she knew would come, yet nothing could have prepared her for it. She is going to step into her father’s shoes, and as the Archbishop of Canterbury puts the crown on her head, she will become the queen.

She knows she is the chosen one; it’s not a mistake that she is where she is. She has the vision for her realm and she feels the weight of it on her shoulders.

Despite the responsibility, she knows she is supported and provided for. She has her team of advisors, she has her domestic staff, she has her soldiers who will go to battle for her, yet she is the one to make decisions and face the consequences.

Just as Elizabeth on her coronation day you connect to that feeling of calm and grace, and you walk into your meeting knowing you can do it and you can bring your team with you.

Grace, clear vision, and decisiveness are just some of the qualities of the Queen you can call on when things get tough. She is comfortable with her place in the world and her role as a leader. She has an ability to pull people forward, towards her vision in the boardroom, but also at home. Is that something you can easily relate to?

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